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You don’t need to be different to stand out in this world.

You just need to be you.

Hey, I'm Liv

As far as introductions go, where do I even begin? People call me a marketing director, CEO, style coach, life concierge, social media best friend, and big sister.

Truth is, those are just fancy names for what I really do – and that’s helping you step out of your comfort zone and into something a little more you.

Which Liv do you need?

Marketing and content creation

Give your brand the boost it deserves with video content, strategy, and paid ads.

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On Air

Stay party-ready. Look and feel 100% your best. Get fresh outfit ideas for important dates and events.

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Start killin’ it in life or on social media. And avoid the mistakes I made along the way.

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I'm honored to have been featured in some legendary collabs and outlets. Take a peek.

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From Tiktok

Hear from the squad

Wake up and smell the fresh reviews…

I love the way that Liv and Brand Caffeine showcase my business on social media. Since I’ve I started working with Brand Caffeine, the engagement level on my posts has increased, and more people I know mention that they like what they have seen on my social media. One important addition that Liv has brought to my social media presence are the reels she records, with me in them, short videos that spotlight special and even unique things about my brand and what makes me special as an agent. Brand Caffeine has become an important part of my real estate business.

The FR Team has worked with Brand Caffeine for the last year and has basically put us on the map. Liv has more energy than 100 people and is always coming up with great ideas to implement her master plan in social media. It just makes sense to hire Liv and her team. Now we are the #1 Team on the UWS for BHS!

Liv and her team have taken snippets from my podcast and youtube episodes that I thought could only be used once, and have transformed me into a content machine. I don't have to shoot new content ( I don't even have time to do so), or leave my house- they take from what I already have, and make it useable content for my social, in 15 second clips that make my audience go wild! INCREDIBLE. Viral content. And they make it so easy.

Liv and her team come with so much energy and enthusiasm in everything they do. The team is incredibly quick to respond, and always excited to bring my ideas to life! Creating a strong social media strategy has been key to our success in the digital space